Sunday, September 4, 2011

Morality of Christianity

Christians shudder in fear when they consider what the United States would be like if they became the obvious minority, of if they were the very last Christian in the USA.

Most Christians are fed the belief that there would be chaos in the streets.  They are taught that since Atheists have no God to guide them, they have no morals.  The Christians generally believe that Atheists are akin to Satanists and view personal gain at the expense of others to be admirable and even essential.  Most Christians are also taught that if Christianity fails, the world will see "Hell on Earth", people murdering others without punishment, wanton raping in the streets and cannibalism.

That brings a question to the table:  Why do Christians think they are so much more moral than Atheists?  If Christians are only good because there is a God, then they are just sucking up - kissing butt - looking over their shoulder at the big, scary god-thing in the sky.  If a Christian says they are good because they are Christian, then they are not truly moral at all.  Here's a quote:
"Evil people do evil. Good people do good, but for good people to do evil - that takes religion."
Let's examine a famous story about God.  In the book of Genesis, chapters 6-9, the story of Noah and his Ark takes place.  Here's how the story goes:

God made people, but made a mistake.  God regretted his mistake.  Instead of causing the people to feel badly about their actions, God decided to commit genocide on a global scale.  God did, however, have one prodigy and his family - Noah, that he decided to spare.  God told Noah to build a very large boat, to take two or three of each animal on the whole planet and load them onto the boat.  Once this was complete, God drowned the rest of the planet.  God drowned kittens, brand-new, innocent infants, children who could have been taught right from wrong, and women who were abused by their husbands into acting as he expected her to.

Christians then have the gall to say that abortion is wrong - when God has set an example that wholesale killing is not only right, but admirable and perfect.  It is interesting that Christians do not believe that killing one pre-baby but think that God is perfect even though he murdered potentially millions of self-aware babies, pregnant women, children and loving grandmothers.

A report by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice reported, in 1999, that among their prison population, at least 78% of the inmates claimed to be Christian, with the rest being of unknown religion (many of whom refused to answer, probably out of shame).  So, morality, the Bible and Christian peer-pressure didn't do any good for those people.

Abraham was willing to, and tried to murder his son for God.  Apologists say that this is just a way to tempt Abraham and test his faith.  This is truly a story a story of bullying, an example of the Nuremburg Defense and of child abuse.  Most Christians bristle at these suggestions, but the story is proof enough.  Just imagine what kind of mental trauma Issac went through as his father held the dagger high, ready to plunge it into his heart... a father who was supposed to protect and love him was about to murder him, and a loving God told his father to do it.

Christians pick and choose what parts of the Bible they choose to hold up as good moral standards, and which parts they reject or dismiss.  This proves that there is some sort of morality beyond the Bible, since it is the Bible they are cherry-picking from.

Christians do not hold the moral high-ground, because they don't follow their own Bible, which they say is the ultimate moral high-ground.

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