Saturday, September 24, 2011

Freak Of The Week: Frank Walton

Okay - I admit it, there are freakier people out there, but Mr. Walton gets an honorable mention this week.

On his blog, Mr. Walton makes some very harsh comments regarding people he knows nothing about.  Now, before someone starts telling me stories about pots and kettles, I'm only talking about what Mr. Walton wrote, not his personal thoughts which he didn't write.  For instance, Mr. Walton wrote the following:

"Now, if brainless Dawkins actually thought for a change he'd know that if a child is being abused by their parents, you take the child away from the parents. That's just common sense. But what Dawkins is now suggesting in the video above is that the child should stay with abusive parents! LOL! It looks like brainless Dawkins bit off more than he can chew. He knew how much of a boneheaded comment he made and in an effort to do damage control he just made things worse. If he thinks that labeling a child without the child's consent is a form of abuse then if I labeled my child with the name of "John" that's abuse according to Dawkins because the child had no say in it."

What Mr. Walton was talking about was Richard Dawkins' opinion that labeling a child who is too young to decide of they are going to believe in a god, which god or any god at all as to belonging to a religion is wrong.  Mr. Dawkins also said that this is child abuse, but did not say that they should be taken from their parents.  The catholic church took Jewish children from their parents, but that's another discussion.  Labeling a child as belonging to one religion or another is just stupid.  You might say that the child is "a child of Christian parents" or "a child of Muslim" parents, but for a little kid of four years old to be labeled a Christian or a Muslim is stupid.

Mr. Dawkins brought this to point in his book when he talked about a photograph he saw in a newspaper.  There were four children who had their pictures taken in front of a Christian nativity scene.  The caption talked about (I can't remember the names, so I'll just fill in names here), "Nathan, a Christian, Miguel a Roman Catholic, James, a Presbytyrian and Abdul, a Muslim".  Not a single letter to the editor was published by an angry person scorning the newspaper for labeling the children.  Imagine if the newspaper caption had read, "Nathan, a Marxist, Miguel, a Democrat, James, a Socialist and Abdul, a Republican".  There would have been several letters.  Imagine if the caption had read, "Nathan, an Atheist, Miguel, a Humanist, James, an Agnostic and Abdul, a Skeptic".  The newpaper would have likely been burned to the ground by an angry mob.

Mr. Dawkins is trying to raise awareness, not get peoples' children taken away.  A very simple fix for parents to do is to QUIT LABELING THEIR CHILDREN.

People like Mr. Walton are the reason why we need blogs like mine.  I try to present the truth in every post.  If my posts aren't accurate, I expect and welcome the corrections I can get by leaving the posts open to comments.  So far, I have made no mistakes, but that doesn't mean it won't happen in the future -- after all, I'm not perfect.  :)


  1. I would challenge you to make a true investigation of the claims of scripture. Read the Bible cover to cover, then stand up and tell me if you still hold to what you're discussing on your blog here. Think through the process and logically determine it for yourself. You don't need a pastor to tell you what to believe. Read it for yourself and then decide.

  2. I have read it cover to cover, which is why I am an Atheist. I would challenge YOU to read EVERY verse, even the ones that Christians usually choose to ignore. Then consider those verses.

    If you read the rest of my posts, you will see that I quote the Bible by chapter and verse quite often.