Monday, September 12, 2011

Freak Of The Week: Brother D

The freak of this week is called Brother D, and his blog is located here.

This blog is a typical example of a doomsday blog, trying to scare everyone into thinking his way based on his (I assume) unsound belief system which has nothing to do with fact, evidence or rational thought.  For those who don't want to delve into the mind of Brother D, I'll provide a short synopsis of his blog.

The mind of the religious is muddled to different degrees.  However, this mind is obviously muddled more than most.

The first post I see, dated Wednesday, September 7th, 2011, is titled "The Feast of Trumpets 2011, 22 days and counting."  The author then goes on to say that just as the military trains, practices and prepares for war, that Christians should train, practice and prepare for the second coming of Christ.  The author claims that in the same manner, Christians can and should prepare themselves.  I can only assume this means with drills, but probably not marching, climbing under barbed wire with gunfire overhead or practicing how to stab someone with a bayonet - so I read on.

The author then describes three things which must be done in order to prepare.

  • An appeal to those who do not know Jesus as Lord today.
  • This year may be the year the Lord comes back for us, read yesterdays post for more detail. There are so many things pointing to this year being the year that we would be foolish not to prepare.
  • This year may be the year the Lord comes back for us, read yesterdays post for more detail. There are so many things pointing to this year being the year that we would be foolish not to prepare.
Like so many other Christians before him, his prediction is going to fail.  What Christians have chosen to ignore (or likely what they have been trained to ignore by their unethical pastors, priests, etc.) is that Christ already predicted his turn within the lifetime of his disciples as evidenced in Matthew 10:23, Matthew 16:27-28, Matthew 24:33-34, Luke 21: 22, 28, 31 and Rev 1:3; 22:10.

Christ, who is supposed to be God incarnate, got it wrong.  He wasn't off by a year... or a hundred years, or five hundred years, but by more than two thousand years.  So - if Christ was wrong (or lied) about when he would return... why should we believe anything else he has said?

Brother D probably has some excuse for it, but since he doesn't allow comments on his posts, I couldn't confront him about it.

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  1. First of all, Revelation is a book of prophecy and symbolism. Second of all, God has a different sense of Time than we humans do. I trust Him and know he will return in glory when He is ready. Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps He is waiting to allow more of His children to acknowledge His supreme presence? Christ came to this earth and died on the cross for our sins (and rose, because without the resurrection, His sacrifice would mean nothing) and now God is allowing us a chance to come back to Him.

    I love how you think that all Christians believe deep down that that are wrong because that is not true at all. Take a look at the early decades after Christ's birth. Christianty spread like wildfire. If it weren't true, do you think that people would have allowed themselves to be martyred in such great groups??? Your hatred for organized religion is clearly more of a hatred for Christianity than any other religion. I am saddened by your attitude and your worldview, which in turn influences your religion. All people believe in something, even if it is the nonexistence of a deity.

    I don't exactly agree with this Brother D either, but I also don't think you should call him "freak of the week" because of his ideas. When you stand before God's throne at the time of your death, He will not have mercy on have become hard-hearted and utterly rejected him. But while you are alive, there is still a chance that the Holy Spirit may kindle a seed of faith in your heart and your eternal soul may be saved. I will pray for you.

    I don't care if you bash my entire comment, because I have done my part as a Christian and witnessed to you.