Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Center for Arizona Policy

Another group which is causing trouble and trying to turn the United States into a Christian-ran theocracy is called The Center for Arizona Policy.  They claim that their purpose is to protect and forward legal policies and decisions that protect the family, religious freedom, parental rights and the sanctity of life.  What their real agenda is, is obvious: to use the legal system to force government and institutions to support Christianity above all else.

Their claims to religious freedom do not extend to Atheists who should have the freedom to NOT support religion if they so choose as well.  I'm pretty sure we got away from being forced to support religion with a very big war... something about independence and a special day in July... (Christians, before you say that this country was founded on Christian values, please refer to my post [here] so you don't look foolish.

While organizations like The Center for Arizona Policy have every right to exist, they do not have the right to subvert the United States Constitution like they've been doing.  They believe, and they're probably correct, that if you scare politicians with enough people, enough money, and enough legal muscle, you can make most of them bend to your will - which is what is happening.

The Center for Arizona Policy is now claiming credit for 101 individual bills which they helped craft and support that have passed into law in Arizona.

This is a sad day for America; a day which will eventually, if not checked, lead to a theocracy and a new holy war.  I only hope that these words live long enough on the internet, in print or somewhere, so that I can posthumously say "HA!  I TOLD YOU SO!"  Or, even better, that my words can encourage and embolden more Atheists to speak out against such a fate from coming to fruition.

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