Monday, September 12, 2011

Family Day At The Beach

This picture was picked up by a fellow blogger at who collects humerous religious pictures, mainly to poke fun at religion.  However, upon seeing this picture my reaction was not one of amusement, but of sick disgust.

This is what I don't want the United States to turn out like.  This is what the dominionists and many churches would like to see in the future.  Sure, right now women have a lot of freedom in the Christian church, but when Christians take over politics completely, what kind of changes could they make which would shorten the path to women being subjected to abuse and objectification like they were in the Bible?

There are two reasons why this woman has to wear her burka at the beach.  1 - Allah (another imaginary god) said it must be so and 2 - Her husband (it can only be her husband holding her so close) is penis-centered and uses his religion to control his wife.

I feel bad for the woman.  I feel bad she was born into such a totalitarian belief system.  I feel bad for future generations of American girls if more people like me don't take a stand against religion.

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