Thursday, August 18, 2011

Concerned Women For America

Afghan Burka
The title is the official title of a group of women who have banded together to take on "important" issues in the United States today.  Unfortunately, all of the issues are based on fundamentalist Christian values, are oppressive, backwards and mean.  Here are some examples:

  • CWFA actively fights against gay rights of any form.
  • CWFA actively fights against any sex education which is not 100% abstinence-based.
  • CWFA supports the Boy Scouts' ban against admitting gays.
  • CWFA targets politicians who disagree with their agenda and openly label them as "anti-religionists".
  • CWFA donates millions of dollars every year to support other Religious-Right groups.
  • CWFA donates money and/or lawyers to fight for those accused of breaking laws, if the law the individual broke is one the CWFA agrees should be broken.
  • CWFA blames Feminism for destroying the family structure and breaking up families.
According to the Concerned Women For America, women should only have the authority and privileges they attain through Biblical scripture.  Thus, they should sit their butts down and shut up in church.  They should never ever teach.  They are their husband's property.

The CWFA is trying to turn America into Afghanistan.  A hundred years from now, if CWFA is successful, they will be the most loathed organization on the planet.  Beverly LaHaye, the founder, will live in infamy until the end of time right alongside Hitler, Stalin and others who have done immeasurable harm to the world.

A hundred years from now, if the CWFA gets their way and women are clan in burkas in the United States and a Christian version of sharia law is in place, Beverly LaHaye will be an analogy for a person with their head planted firmly up their buttocks.

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