Monday, August 15, 2011

Christian Women

I'm sorry, ladies, but either you are unaware of what Paul says, you have your man whooped, or you are in denial... or you are whooped.  There's no classy, sophisticated way to put that.

In Genesis 19, Lot offers his two virgin daughters to a mob to rape as they saw fit, all to protect his two male guests.  Yes, they turned out to be angels, but the fact that God thought that this man was "worthy" shows where God's morals are.

When I confronted a man who said he was a Christian, he said that the women were spared, so my point was moot.

I then informed him that the same thing happened in Judges 19.  Only, this time the woman did not escape.  She was indeed raped all night by a mob, and died at the doorstep of the house trying to return home.  When woman's master (she was a concubine - but don't let that change your mind, she was still a woman) found her dead, he put her body on his mighty steed, took it home and chopped her up.  This was a priest of God.

The "Christian" man then informed me that this was the Old Testament, and didn't really count any more.  So, if it doesn't count, why is it in the Bible at all?  He then said that Jesus brought grace, and since Jesus, women were better treated (even though the Bible also says that God does not change).

Paul, in his letters to Timothy and the Roman church, stated this:  Women are not allowed to teach.  Women must sit down in church, shut up, and ask their husbands questions when they get home.  Women are not allowed to be in a position of authority over a man.

God hates women.

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