Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ann Coulter - Easy Target

I know I'm risking criticism for "picking on such an easy target", but Ann Coulter needs another moment in the box of shame.  This woman has the gall to call herself an educated person.  This woman is off the charts when it comes to red-faced-rant-batsh*t crazy.  Chekc out the video for yourself and tell me I'm wrong.
Woo!  Mean and nasty.  Here she goes again.

Enjoy!  Oh and by the way, she also says, in her books, that Liberals are Godless (ahem... this reminds me of a story of kettles and pots), claims to be the good-guy(gal) and believes that she is doing good in the world.

Sorry, Ann - but you're nuts.

Oh - and she says she giggles at the thought of Atheists burning in Hell.  Let me know if Ann Coulter does not represent you.  Maybe we can find some common ground.

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