Monday, August 29, 2011

Christian Wars - Atheist Wars

When Christians and Atheists duel in intellectual battle, one theme always arises: How much damage each side has done in the name of their beliefs.

Atheists like to talk about the damage done in the name of God, namely the Crusades, the Inquisition and various smaller atrocities such as the murder of gays and abortion doctors.  Christians usually bring up Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin.  Now it's time to set the record straight.

Joseph Stalin was most likely an Atheist.  However, he did not commit the atrocities because he was an Atheist, so there is no direct correlation to be drawn from this conclusion.

Mussolini was a Roman Catholic.

Hitler was also likely a Roman Catholic, as evidenced by his many speeches and by the Nazi belt buckle as shown on the right, upon which was stamped "Gott Mit Uns", which means "God With Us".  I'm not saying that Hitler was as evil as he was because he was Catholic, but he was evil in spite of his Catholicism.

The difference with how Atheists and Christians regard war is obvious.  George W. Bush said that God told him to invade Iraq.  Military chaplains preached that this was a holy war, inspired and directed by God.  Christians all over the United States referenced the Bible, Bush's faith and the obvious evilness of Hussein to justify the loss of life.

God's Army, a militant branch of Christianity, claims that by murdering abortion doctors, they are saving the lives of an untold number of babies.  Their belief starts with their religion, moves to some weird direction where murder seems right and ends with their religion.  This crooked path only exists with the religious.  Atheists have no such path of thought or justification.

Christians, as one of their core beliefs, believe that their soul is immortal.  They believe that if they believe in God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit and lead a good life and tithe etc. that they will live for the rest of eternity in Heaven, where there is no pain, no suffering, no hunger.  (Ask three or four Christians what Heaven is like, and you'll receive different answers - the concept of Heaven is made-up, just like everything else, which is why Christians don't really understand it.)  This allows them to be much more willing to go to war, as the end result is great.  Since Atheists do not believe in an immortal soul, their willingness to go to war, especially over something as insignificant as religious differences, is very low.  Atheist s believe that when they die, they simply rot away and everything they were is annihilated.

Mussolini did not go to war because he was Atheist.  He went to war because he was Marxist, evil and wanted power above all else.  Atheists do not start wars based on Atheism.  Christians start wars based on Christianity.

It's good to be an Atheist.

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