Thursday, October 6, 2011

Most Churches Aren't Helping

Small-town churches where the ability of the pastor to communicate (or read) are in question certainly aren't helping convince anyone that God is real.  For instance, the First Southern Baptist Church of Chino Valley, AZ is a prime example.  On its website, the Pastor has the opportunity to add something profound to try to reach out to his fellow Chino Valley citizens.  Instead, he posted the following:

When we hear God speak it always leads to a Crisis of belief.  Clear direction from God calls us to a God sized task requiring faith.  Hebrews 11 gives us the definition of faith vs. 1 says:  Chapter 11 gives an account of what heros of the faith did not just what they believed.  Noah is a great example, God told him to build an ark.  There had never been a need for such a thing, no one had ever built one before, it wasn't a common request, but Noah obeyed and you and I know what would have happened if Noah had made excuses and didn't do it.  I use that example to help us see that to disobey has life changing consequences, and if we obey there are life changing blessings.  In most cases life giving blessings.  Jesus said to the disciples in Mt. 16:25 "For whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it." Most people who call themselves Christians today are spending most of their time, energy and resources on trying to "make a life for themselves", and I fear in doing so may lose their lives.  I don't mean that they will "die trying" though they may, I mean that they will miss the life that God created them for and will never experience what God intented for them.  And they may indeed miss Gods call for their lives.  For some that will mean living life lost and eternity separated from God and heaven.  Salvation only comes to those who give their lives to Christ Jesus as Lord.  and He is obviously not our Lord if we are not willing to listen to him and follow His will and leading.  A great example of giving our lives to him is given in I Sam. 17, David as a very young man goes to deliver food to his brothers who are soldiers in Sauls army when Goliath comes out and challenges Israel to a fight.  The Isralite soldiers are scared and no one answeres the challenge.  David can't believe that the Philistine defys the army of the Living God and no one will face him so he volunteers to fight.  Here is a kid against a monster who can't wait to take this Giant out so that "all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel"(17:46).  The boy is on a food delivery but sees that someone needs to do this thing for God in the power of God (17:36) and steps up.  He had an ear for what God was saying and in this case it came by way of the vile mouth of the enemy of God, and he faced a Crisis of belief: he was ready to do whatever he needed to to bring glory to God and victory to Gods people.  That is faith, and that is true belief.  He gave his life (there has never been a better example of one who trusted God), this looked like a suicide mission to every one but David who knew what God could do.  The next couple of weeks we'll talk about how to hear Gods call and follow Him into the real life that He has called us to.  For Him,  Pastor Mark
[All the spelling, grammatical errors and punctuation errors are exactly as I found them.]

One direct point I'd like to make is in the first sentence.  Pastor Mark, the author, starts apologizing right away for something I suspect he already knows is a false belief.

The above post would be funny, if it weren't so typical.  Christianity is disorganized and fractured because it's just as hard to organize superstition as it is to nail Jell-O to a wall.

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