Saturday, October 8, 2011

God is... Good?

Christians all over the United States will repeat maniacally that "God is Good".  I believe this to be due to the fact that most Christians are afraid to shatter their cute, little image of a loving, caring father figure.  Let's consider the ways in which God is certainly not good.

First, prayer.  If a child learns about God in the United States, Christian churches glow with pride for another lost soul saved.  Christians also say that God will now watch out for that child and all that happens in the Child's future will work out for the will of God.

Now consider the picture included with this post.  This child is obviously not blessed, and though the photo is undated, this child is likely dead.  What horrible sin did this child commit in order for God to abandon it so completely.  Let's run through the list that Christians will likely reply to this post:

  • God is allowing the child to suffer to break the hearts of Christians so they will offer more aid to starving African children.
  • The child's family is likely not Christian, so the child is suffering the fate brought to it by it's family (I have to say it, because the child's gender is not easy to identify from the photograph).
  • It is likely that the child's government is not Christian, so the child is suffering the sin of man.
  • The child has lived a life of sin, and is being punished.
  • The ways of God are mysterious and we as simple humans can not fathom what plan God has in this suffering child.
If you nodded and agreed with any of the above, you are a hypocrite.  None of these examples shows a loving God.  If you're thinking of another reason, examine it - if you were God, would you allow this type of suffering to happen?

You may be tempted to challenge what I believe happened to this child to cause this suffering.  I say that the lack of birth control in the child's country and a piss-poor government are to blame.  Humanity has not limit to the cruelty it can inflict upon its own members.  However, no god(s) caused this to happen.  This is our fault as humans and if you are wasting your time praying about it instead of doing something about it, you are just as bad as this child's useless government.

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