Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Argument Against Atheism

Robert T. Lee, the author of tencommandments.org describes his position against Atheists like this (and I include some of his quoted text to show how he justifies his position):

  •  atheism is properly defined as a denial of the existence of God in the midst of full knowledge that the true God does indeed exist
  • Atheism knows God exists; it is quite familiar with that fact, but it says "under no circumstance or situation will I admit to God's existence."
  • Atheism clearly perceives the fingerprints of God on all of creation, but refuses to admit He is the Creator.
  • Atheism perceives the divine authorship of the TEN COMMANDMENTS, but refuses to admit that God is their Author.
  • Atheism is the ultimate of satanism.
And it doesn't get any better.

Robert T. Lee continues to express lies about Atheism.  I can only assume that he is intelligent enough to make a website and convinced in his own beliefs enough that he has actually done some research.  I further concede that he believes he is doing good in the world by sharing his position on Atheism.  However, he is also a terrible liar.  Funny - he seems to ignore the commandment not to lie.

As an Atheist, and someone who is actually telling the truth, I can tell you this:
  • Atheism (non-theism) denies the very existence of any supernatural forces.  This includes any and all gods, fairies, magic and anything else supernatural.
  • Atheism, as stated before, does not believe in any gods.
  • Again - Atheism is the conscious knowledge and position that there are no gods.
  • NO fingerprints of any supernatural critters... no gods.
  • NO divinity, because no god.
  • No Satan, because no supernatural forces.  Satan is just as make-believe as angels, God, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.
Mr. Lee then goes on to quote what he seems to consider a very damning article regarding Atheists (which it turns out he wrote himself titled "ATHEISTS, AGNOSTICS AND NON BELIEVERS ARE THE TRUE CRIMINALS OF THE WORLD COMMUNITY".  Really?  Criminals?  Because we often, based on our non-belief, commit crimes of... uh... what exactly?  Here's how Mr. Lee justifies his side:
  • Atheists say that the Ten Commandments aren't real, since God isn't real.
  • Since God didn't write them, Atheists believe that a human wrote them.
  • Atheists believe that they should put their terminally ill parents to death. [This is, however, libelous as it is untrue.]
  • Again he states that Atheists are the true criminals of the world, and should be treated as such.
  • He then lists some probably fictitious crimes, and blames them on Atheism, with no proof.
I think I've said enough on this matter.  Robert T. Lee may be mentally unsound, but he is definitely morally unsound.  I invite him to respond to this post and argue his position, or to contact me via email.  Robert T. Lee has been informed via the email listed at his website that I intend to post rebuttals to his claims so that the people may know the truth.

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