Sunday, June 17, 2012

Christians and God

We live our lives as if there is no God.  Christians, however, use the idea of God, or claim there truly is a God when it is convenient for them.  Christians act like there is no God.  Here are some examples:

  1. Christians buy car insurance.
  2. Churches have property insurance.
  3. Christian cops wear bullet-proof vests.
  4. Christians wear seat-belts.
  5. Christians get their kids immunized.
  6. Christians pass laws to get some of the above made mandatory, to help their fellow Christians.
  7. Some church buildings have lightning rods (lol ironic).
  8. Christians hire private investigators.
If there were a God, none of these would be necessary.

I don't believe many Christians actually believe in God - but use Him as a tool, or sometimes a weapon.  They hope there's a God, but don't really believe.  Someone prove to me how I'm wrong.


  1. DudeMan... Whatever you wanna believe is fine, yet, you'll only have 85ish years to do it is the problem. Thank God for God. There will be a time shortly when the whole freek'n world will git a wake-up-call, you'll see God as the Heavens shall be rolled back, and thus you'll know Jesus is risen. But, alas! Poor, poor Yorick! Until that time, you prooooo'bly won't have any faith. Again, that's fine. Some people won't have a higher place in Heaven, too, while some will. All depends on thy BAWLS, err, I mean, the BAWLS in thy cranium. See ya soon Upstairs, dude, at my BIG-ol, kick-ass, party-hardy for eons celebrating our resurrection, fulla anything and everything and mo. God cannot be outdone. Be at peace.

  2. I have deep suspicions that you are actually a medical doctor, even if your profile name says you are. Your grammar is terrible.

    Nevertheless, here's what's wrong with your post:
    1. Just because you say it, doesn't make it true.
    2. You provided nothing to back-up your claims - you have no premises.
    3. I had to read it three times to understand what you were saying.

    Nice try. Thanks for playing.

  3. Your logic fails here. These items would follow only if the "god" you had in mind were the "protector-in-chief" some imagine God must be. But the God of Scripture no where calls upon Christians to be fools who ride around in speeding cars saying "oh, God will protect me." Certainly there are some fools who claim to be Christians who may approach faith that way, but that is not the God of historic, biblical Christianity. The God of the historic creeds and confessions (and of Scripture) is a God who made a cause and effect universe, and though he has power to intervene, is not required to do so to save us from accidents, nor from our own foolishness (You'll remember that Jesus would not throw himself off the temple to "prove God" either.) Instead, the Scriptures are filled with passages that call upon us to act wisely, plan for the future and take necessary precautions. Intelligent Christians understand that we live in the same fallen world everyone else does. Indeed, it is our understanding that this is a fallen world that informs us of the need to live wisely. Just as I wear shoes for my feet because rocks are sharp, so I wear seat belts because dashboards and front windshields are hard, no matter what your faith. All the things you list above are examples of necessary wisdom. Nothing in Scripture would call a person to the course you suggest. For example:
    1. Insurance is required by law in order to have a car (we are commanded to live in obedience to the state). The Bible no where says we should expect to be exempt from accidents, in fact, just the opposite.
    2. Property insurance is wise stewardship of resources.
    3. Israelite soldiers used shields
    4. Only a fool would hurtle along at 70 mph without a seat belt. God no where promises to be save us from our foolishness.
    5. Immunization. Seriously? Many Christians were at the forefront of coming up with the idea (see the history of smallpox). Wise Christians have always believed God gave men wisdom for medical science for his good.

    etc, etc...

    Any way, I am afraid, my friend, that in this instance, you have constructed a staw-god based on what you imagine "belief in God" must require, and have then used it to dispense with any real thoughts about God. As a Christian, I am under no obligation to defend all the views people may imagine as to "what God must be like." I base my views of God and life lived in fellowship with him squarely on Who He has shown Himself to be in Scripture.

  4. You missed the entire point. I think you must have just skimmed-over my post. Christianity is the ultimate dooms-day cult. Christians look forward to the day they die because they expect a great reward in Heaven where the streets are made of gold, there is no hunger, no crying and nothing but beauty. Using this (illogical) logic, Christians should all hang themselves and the murder of a child the moment it was born should be the most kind thing one can do. This would send a baby straight to Heaven.

    However, I don't know any Christians who do this. I think this is because no Christians actually believe in Heaven... the just hope it is true.

    I wasn't aware that I left out so much information, so I will explain it now:

    1. Christians don't believe that praying for protection is enough to protect their car - because they understand that prayer is bogus - but just won't admit it out loud.

    2. Christians have property insurance because they know that prayer is 100% unreliable. Otherwise, you could just pray for protection and it would be protected; as the Bible says, ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, moving mountains (which is such a little thing compared to property protection).

    3. Christian cops don't believe in Heaven and know that prayer is bogus - both.

    4. Christians wear seatbelts to avoid death because they don't really believe in an afterlife, just hope there is one. Otherwise they should look forward to death because it means heaven.

    5. Christians both don't think prayer will protect their kids, nor do they believe in Heaven, as they are afraid of their kids dying.

    6. These are laws because Christians want to help other Christians avoid death, as they don't really believe in Heaven.

    7. Lightning rods on churches... I guess a whole congregation praying for protection isn't enough either.

    8. Christians hire private investigators instead of asking for divine revelation because they want reliable information. They don't actually believe that divine revelation is real or reliable.

    Christianity makes people believe (or at least tend to believe) stupid things. Only Christians, if a mushroom cloud suddenly replaced Jerusalem, would see a silver lining. This is because they would believe the most amazing, wonderful thing that could possibly happen is about to happen - the return of Jesus. Christians are attempting to force their beliefs on the United States through law, through peer pressure, through the serious commercialization of their religion, through marketing and through persecution and labeling of those who don't share their beliefs, etc.. Christianity needs to go - it is the head of the snake that must be cut off.