Saturday, November 12, 2011

Where is the need?

Christians claim that everyone needs God in their lives.  Everyone.

So - where is that need demonstrated?  Here are some common arguments for the need of God - and my rebuttals:

  • Being Christian leads to good deeds.  Really?  Most Christians I know give to their church and perform good deeds as their way of sucking-up to God.  They're afraid that if they don't tithe at least 10% of their income to the church and/or perform works for the church that they will burn in Hell.  This isn't good deeds for the sake of good deeds - this is good deeds out of fear.  We have enough fear in the world.
  • Being Christian makes you a better person.  This is completely untrue.  I've met Christians who are pedophiles.  I've met Christians who keep their children locked in their rooms for 23 hours a day.  Christians murder abortion doctors.  Christians discriminate against others for a difference of opinion or what they do in private.  Christians blame misfortune or the natural forces of nature (when they produce disasters) on an invisible, supernatural pretend God punishing an entire population for the actions or private thoughts of a few.  Far from being better people, Christians are tortured by their beliefs.
  • Being Christian is the only way to save your soul from eternal damnation!  Soul?  Is there any evidence of a soul?  I've heard it said that "to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord".  However, this doesn't explain when people die and are dead for several minutes.  They died - yet they come back.  Christians like to say "I guess it wasn't her time".  Circular thinking - that is.
  • Only Christians have morals.  This usually goes along with saying that Atheists have no morals.  I would encourage every Christian who has heard and believes this to go look for themselves.
It really is a pity that these Christian lies continue to thrive.

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