Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Anything But That

During several in-person and e-mail debates I've had with Christians, one popular theme has emerged: It is impossible to relate God and science.  What a cop-out.

To say that every single avenue of discussion may be explored, except for one, is intellectual cowardice.  Here's how the Christians tried to justify their view:

  • Though God invented science, He can not be discovered through science.
  • If scientific evidence were found that strongly suggested or even proved that God does not exist were discovered, it would be moot, as science can not explain God.
  • God exists in another dimension outside of science.
I think it is funny (and sad) that the most powerful method for proving or disproving a theory has been summarily dismissed by so many people in regards to this single topic.  I'm sure that someone just said it one day, and it started to be repeated.  There's no Biblical foundation for this claim - just Christian hearsay.

If solid scientific evidence were discovered that proved God existed were uncovered, I strongly doubt that Christians would say, "that means nothing, as God is outside of science".  Instead, they would be shouting it from the rooftops and claiming it as their own.

There is even money that can be awarded to scientists who work toward proving God exists.  You can find that website here:

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