Thursday, July 26, 2012

Why I have this blog.

Christianity is evil, destructive and cruel.  I won't go into detail or discussion of each of the topics covered here, as this is meant to be succinct.  However, if requests come in for me to elaborate on any of these points, I will do so.

Here is why I seek the end of Christianity:

First, we have to establish some tenets of Christianity - we have to recognize the ground-rules that Christianity has established.  Here are the rules that Christianity has established (all versions I am aware of, except Mormonism).

1. The Bible is the infallible word of God.  Therefore, everything the Bible says is true and accurate.

2. Jesus died for our sins.  Even though many Christians do not believe in the literal story of Adam and Eve, the talking snake and the magical fruit of the magical trees in the only habitable place on the planet, they still insist that because of this original sin, Jesus had to die.

3. The most important thing you can, and must do, is believe in Jesus.  Being a good person is not good enough.  Helping the poor is not enough.  Not cussing is not enough.  Serving others is not enough.

4. Not believing in Jesus will result in either being utterly and completely destroyed at the moment of your death, or more popular, being tortured, burned, choked, drowned, poked, prodded, cut, bit, gutted, crushed, strangled, poisoned and raped by demons... for not believing.  This is the result of not believing.

5. God designed us perfectly... perfectly flawed and open to sin.  We have to overcome an imperfect-perfect design.  God made us sick and expects us to find the cure.  God poisoned us and then offers us the cure.  We are to rejoice in knowing this.

Here is what I despise about Christianity and why it needs to go, along with all other religions:

1. There is no evidence for God.  Evidence is considered credible if it is falsifiable.  In other words, it can be considered to be true if it is possible to prove it false.  Any "evidence" for God is not falsifiable and therefore can not be considered to be true in any form.  Most people don't think about this, or even know about it, as Christians are encouraged NOT to go to college.  This is to protect them from education which could challenge their faith.  The fact is, this rumor is true - education will challenge your faith.  This is why the of the most elite in the scientific fields, religiosity is very low.  True, there are Christians who are scientists, but not as may as in the general population.

2. The Bible endorses slavery (Leviticus 25:44-46, Exodus 21:2-6, Exodus 21:7-11, Exodus 21:20-21 and more).  Christians ignore this part of the Bible, or write it off saying that "we live under a new covenant now".  However, this is the supposed word of God the Almighty - who never makes mistakes and if this is true, why would God have to change his mind?

3. Christians want you to be afraid of God.  Yet - God loves you.  Christianity says that you are to fear the thing that wants to torture you if you don't obey it.  You are supposed to be happy about this.  Sounds like masochism to me.

4. The Christian God has a very delicate ego.  So delicate, in fact, that if you don't believe in him, without question, and believe that his invisible ghost is interfering in your life, you risk burning for all eternity.  Some sects say that you are just destroyed - denied eternal life given to those who believe without reason.

5. Christians don't believe that mankind will be on the Earth much longer.  Therefore, why worry taking care of our planet for future generations?  Most Christians believe that Jesus will return within their lifetime.

6. Going to heaven is said to be the ultimate reward.  Therefore, denying someone the opportunity is evil.  Therefore, allowing your child to reach the age of accountability is evil.  Therefore, if Christians were more than wishful-thinkers, they would kill their kids while they were babies, so they could go straight to heaven - guaranteed.  From a Christian standpoint, that would be the ultimate gift.  From my standpoint it's fucking stupid.

7. More on heaven: Christians don't agree on what Heaven actually is.  They say there are golden streets, no hunger, no pain, just singing praises to God.  That sounds like fun for the first hundred years or so... but what about 200 years?  600 years? A thousand years?  A billion years?  A hundred trillion years?  Nobody considers how boring it would get, because Christians don't think about things like this.

8. The Pope (yes, I know he doesn't represent all of Christianity) believes that although AIDS is bad, its nowhere near as bad as condoms.  Stupid.

9. Religion is divisive.  Wars are fought over a lot of different things.  Wars are fought over patriotism, pride, greed and politics, but more than any other reason, religion.  No war has ever been fought in the name of Atheism.  Religion causes hatred between in-groups and out-groups.  Religion feeds prejudices.  Ever notice how your God hates the same people you do?

10. Religion does not provide answers.  Religion only stops questions.  Religion makes us stupid.

11. Religion causes fear - beyond what is normal.  People are afraid of demons, the Devil, God, saying the wrong thing, doing the wrong thing or even thinking the wrong thing.  Not even in North Korea are people put in jail for their thoughts - yet Christians believe you can be put into eternal torment or destroyed for your "thought-crimes".

12. Religion causes people to lie.  Pastors, priests and their ilk lie to their people saying that only the religious can be moral.  This is, in fact, a lie.  Religion allows people to overcome their natural morality, think: twin towers, subway bombings, murder of abortion doctors.  Atheism has no such dogma which appeals to an invisible, unknowable authority that only certain people can hear and therefore must be obeyed without question.

13. The Bible wants you to kill the infidel.  God did it all over the Old Testament, but some Christians cherry-pick the Bible for the good parts, and leave parts like this out.  When the god of the Old Testament is mentioned, Christians like to remind me that we are "under a new covanent".  I then like to remind them that though this may be so (though they haven't proven it) they still use parts of the Old Testament, such as hating gays, even though we are under a new covanent.  Therefore, Christians cherry-pick what they want and ignore the ugly parts.  This is called confirmation bias, and is encouraged by the Christian religion.

14. One never considers that Heaven is probably not forever.  If we're supposed to be there forever, then there are an infinite number of chances that we would make the same mistake that Satan made... unless, of course, free-will is removed and we become mindless zombies in Heaven.  The Bible has not mentioned losing your free will and no preacher I've heard has said this so far, so there is a chance we could make a mistake.  In fact, there is an infinite number of chances.  The Bible says that Satan fell from Heaven, so that means that eventually (since eternity is forever) everyone will fall from Heaven and end up in Hell.  Eventually Heaven will be completely empty except for God and/or Jesus and/or The Holy Ghost.  Whoops!  Or maybe not... as nobody has even proven Heaven exists.  Those who believe just have wishful thinking.

15. The unforgivable sin scares the shit out of too many people, especially children who haven't had the opportunity to really think about their religious upbringing.  According to the Bible, you are condemned forever if you blaspheme the Holy Spirit.  Blasphemy is defined as: irreverent behavior toward anything sacred.  Irreverent is defined as: disrespectful.  While this is vague, doubting that the Holy spirit exists could qualify - and probably does - as blasphemy.  Oops!  Looks like you're burnin' for sure if you have ever had a moment's doubt, because, as the Bible says, thinking the sin is just as bad as doing the sin.  Then again, nobody has ever proved that God, the Holy Spirit or even sin exists, unforgivable or otherwise.

16. Faith healing kills people.  Children used to die all the time in the United States as elders and parents prayed to a nonexistent god for their healing.  Snake dancers still believe that God will save them from the almost certain death of a snake bite, and that if God does not save them it is either their fault for not having enough faith - or God wanted them in Heaven for some reason.  See here for a news story.  And, a short show for your educational enjoyment:

17. When babies die, churches often tell the parents that God wanted another little angel in heaven.  How fucking sick is that?!  Even if it were true, what kind of god would murder a baby in order to have another angel in Heaven?  Sure, Christians say that he gave the life, so it is his right to take it away - but that's just excuse-making.  Christians rarely think about such things, unless you are the parent who's innocent, beautiful baby has died.  Any philosophy which is supposed to make us think that an all-powerful being murders babies in order to adorn himself with their soul needs to go.

18. Christianity breaks up families.  Christianity says not to be "unequally yoked" with an unbeliever.  Therefore, when unbelievers like me "come out", there is always the risk that the Christian will divorce the unbeliever, regardless of whether the unbeliever has been good to them.  This absolutism is common, and the couple and the children suffer... just because the unbeliever doesn't believe in something that can not be proved and is therefore unbelievable.

Therefore, Christianity needs to go.  Truthfully, all religion needs to go, but cutting the head off the snake is a good method, or at least a good start.

I invite the Christians who visit my blog to prove me wrong.  Point out the errors in my thinking.  Show me that Christianity is good.  I have provided arguments against Christianity, so I invite you to show me my errors and provide positive arguments for Christianity that will overcome the evils that Christianity does... if you can.

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