Sunday, April 29, 2012

"Sectarian" violence.

"Sectarian" is the mealy-mouthed way the press refers to "religious".  So, whenever you see "sectarian violence" you should substitute it in your head for "one religious group fighting another religious group based solely on their competing belief".  Therefore, whenever you see "sectarian" violence you can also substitute "stupid" or any other similarly condescending adverb you prefer.

This news story is talking about a terrorist organization known as Boko Haram who wants to establish Sharia law in Nigeria including (gasp) the Christian south.

The fact that the Nigerian government is considering starting peace talks with him is just an indicator that they might be willing to make this happen.

I am saddened that the Nigerian government is so wimpy.  In order to prevent the same thing from happening in the United States, we must never negotiate with terrorists and we must educate our youth so they don't grow up as stupid and superstitious as Boko Haram.

If Boko Haram were not religious, they would have no reason to murder their fellow Nigerians.

Religion needs to go.

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