Thursday, March 8, 2012

The World We Live In

We live in a messed-up, dirty, wicked world.  Our skies are polluted, our children are learning to self-harm out of shame and an inability to forgive themselves.  More people in jail are Theists than are not, disease is running rampant and the cure is being held back by the Church.

Research is occurring in foreign counties right now using stem cells to treat or cure many different diseases.  However, our country doesn't allow stem-cell research due only to religious reasons.  Some may claim that this is a "slippery slope", which is to say that if we start researching on stem cells, which are pre-humans, then next we will start experimenting on grandmothers who are too senile to tell us "no", then we will start to experiment on babies and eventually each other.  However - the real reason that stem cell research has been squashed is because most Christians believe that life begins at conception - and that the soul of the baby-to-be inhabits the single cell as soon as the sperm penetrates the egg.

While this is all very interesting in a primitive, metaphysical sort of way, the number of pregnancies in which the zygote dies before it even has a chance to attach to the uterine wall is staggeringly more high than the number of pregnancies which result in the zygote surviving the first month within the woman.  Therefore, God (since everything is supposed to be in his hands) kills these babies.  Therefore, God is pro-abortion.

I've digressed - because stem cells are not harvested from abortions.  Instead, the zygotes are grown in a laboratory.  Abortion is not needed to create stem cells.  However, the religious-right won't tell you that, because to them it does not matter if cells are experimented upon in the lab where they have no chance of ever becoming a baby, or on a doctor's table with a vacuum... or in a back-alley with a clothes hanger.

Christians, as I have observed, rarely think for themselves.  They listen to whoever says they are in charge and have received a message from their god.  They then take that message and repeat it as often as possible.  Likely this is to look "holy" in front of their friends, or knowledgeable in front of everyone else.  What they are really doing is showing how little they think for themselves by repeating what they've heard without giving it any real thought.

Christianity needs to go.  Its time is up.  Its usefulness has expired.  As the saying goes:

Science flies us to the moon; religion flies us into buildings.

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  1. Amen, Brother! Religion has done nothing but impede progress since the beginning of time. Galileo was in deep do-do with the Catholic church for daring to suggest that the universe did not revolve around the earth. Religion really needs to go.