Saturday, December 24, 2011

This is What Christians Think Justice Is

Christians never seem to consider how this works.  I'm glad that DarkMatter2525 created this video.


  1. Veery good illustration of the ridiculousness of Christian doctrine.

  2. Indeed. Maybe sharing this video will bring some Christians to their senses, or at least expose them to the truth of their religion.

  3. This video was obviously created by someone ignorant, perpetuated by someone ignorant, and liked by ignorant people who haven't read the bible which says in Romans 13:1-7 that we are to obey the laws of the land or pay the penalties for violation thereof. Christ forgives our sins for our misdeeds, He does not take our punishment for them. And atheisam is a religion as well as any other, albeit a lousy one. If not, why do atheists try so hard to convert Christians to their way of thinking?

  4. Nobody is being ignorant except Anonymous, and I believe it is on purpose.

    True, the Bible says to follow the laws of the land, but the video isn't about the laws of the land. The video is about sin and God's law. The video is about Jesus suffering and dying for our sins. The video illustrates how wicked the God of the Bible is. The video has nothing to do with the judicial system of the United States or any other country, except that it contrasts the legal system with God's primitive, barbaric, backwards system.

    And, if Atheism is a religion, then bald is a hair color and not collecting stamps is a hobby. Anonymous needs to read more.

  5. CA, you've been following the Fighting Atheist. Great video.

    Have you read the Bible, anon? If so, then you know that god hates women, endorses slavery, commits mass murder, condones rape, etc. If you believe the Bible, then you believe that a woman who popped out of a mans chest was fooled by a talking snake into eating a forbidden piece of magical fruit. You believe that you are supposed to stone your rebellious child to death. You believe that someone can just snap their fingers and turn water into wine...

    Who is the ignorant one?